How to increase the laptop storage at affordable cost

4 ways to quickly increase laptop storage

Our little valuable possession – ‘Laptops’ are usually storage bound. But the less storage capacity if being taken care by the faster SSD (solid state drives) though smaller in size. Anyhow when it comes to increasing the existing size of your storage, there are affordable ways and means by which you can achieve that.

  1. Micro SD Cards

You must have noticed that your laptop contains a Micro SD card slot. The slot is compact and safe enough to slide through the entire card into the slot and leaving it there itself. This implies that the SD cards can act as a permanent mini storage for your laptop. They are pretty cheap to afford and will solve the purpose of storing your data and files. Though the SD card will have comparatively low speed than your internal storage. Do check for the size and compatibility of the SD card according to your laptop before you go for one.

  1. USB flash drives

An alternative for those without the Micro SD cards is the USB flash drive. No, not those typical traditional poking out sticks. As they can be troublesome when going in and out the bag along with your laptop. There are these tiny ‘low-profile flash drives’ which appears as a small nub that’s plugged to your laptop in an intact manner. They are easy on your pocket to satisfy your immediate need and varying in size and speed. USB 3.0 flash drive can be opted for a faster experience.

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  1. Cloud Storage

Moving away from Internal storage, here comes some magnificent option and fairly reasonable in price too. Those seeking for Archiving of files which can be accessed from anywhere using the Internet, then cloud storage is the best and ideal solution. It’s an efficient and effective way of freeing up your SDD space. Depending on your requirements (GB OR 1 TB) you can go in for the Microsoft’s OneDrive solution along with Office 365 that’s integrated in WIN 8 and WIN 8.1 on a monthly payment basis.

  1. Replace or Upgrade drive

Though this option won’t go easy on your pockets it still stands as an option. Also, it’s the easiest and quickest way for enhancing your laptop storage. Maybe if you change your mind on compromising a bit on price. The existing internal drive can be very well replaced with an upgraded one. If you are really serious about some good permanent internal storage, then upgrading more GB’s will be fruitful. Moreover, if your laptop has a second drive option you can even insert a new one. Though upgrading your drives may be a time-consuming process but will be beneficial in the long run. Also upgrading to an SDD (Solid State Drive) results in a faster speed than the other options of USB flash drive or Micro SD.

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The above mentioned cheap storage options are quite affordable and will fulfill your reasonable requirements for increasing your laptop storage.


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