Meta tag Creation & Optimization

What are Meta Tags?

Meta Tags are visible tags that tell about your page to web visitors and search engines. Meta tags are very important for search engine optimization. Meta tags make helps to make understand for the search engine and thus are vital for search engine optimization. It gives more details about the content of your website to search engine and website users who found your websites in the search engine result page. They can optimize to highlight the most important sentence of your content and make your website stands out in the search engine that helps to get rank on the search engine result page. Meta tags come under on-page SEO. Meta tags are important in search engine optimization.

List of Meta Tags

Meta tag has six types, that will help to improve the optimization of your website.

  1. Title Tag
  2. Meta description
  3. Robots Meta Tag
  4. Alt Text
  5. Canonical Tag
  6. Header Tag

1. Title Tag

What are meta tags.

The title tag is one of the important things to identify the content information that will notice by the user in search engine result pages. It is the Title of your content page that offers a preview of your content tells you to come. The title should be clear and description. You have to give the title and description by using that particular content keyword. The URL structure created by the keyword, which is used in the title tag.

2. Meta description

Types of meta tag

Meta tags are equal to the title tag which will appear at the top of a search result. The meta description describes the content you have. The meta description should be described with 155 to 160 characters.

3. Robots Meta Tag

Meta tag

Robot’s meta tag informs search engines which pages of your websites are should be indexed. The purpose of Robots.txt prevents a search engine from indexing individual pages of the whole website or section of a website. Robots.txt instructs the search engine crawler not to index a page on the website or follow any links on it.

4. Alt text

meta tag seo

Alt-text is present in image optimization. It is used to optimize the image. That is a very important element of modern search engine optimization and also alt text helps to get additional rank in the search results. It provides an alternative to images that will display if the image does not load properly it will help to tell the information to the search engine what the image is meant to represent.

5. Canonical Tag

list of meta tag

You need to inform search engines which one if prioritize, that you have pages on your website are almost identical. Missing your ranking and confusing Google on the search engine result pages.

 6. Header tag

How to create meta tag

Header tags are part of your content and are important for displaying your content. Heading tags are used to structure the page of your website. That will improve user experience and also header tag help to search engines understanding that the particular paragraph ore content is about. Header tag comes from h1 to h6 that will highlight the importance for each section. Heading H1  is a tag that will denote the article title and page title and H2 are given to the subheading to break up your content.

How to optimize your Meta tags?

  • Meta tags help both searchers and search engines.
  • Check the title tags and Meta descriptions.
  • Pay attention to your heading tag.
  • Remember to make up your images with alt text.
  • Robots Meta tag will guide the search engine.
  • Use canonical tags to avoid cannibalizing you similar content or duplicate content.
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