What are LSI keywords and how to use them in heading tags

What is LSI Keyword

LSI is abbreviated as Latent Semantic indexing. LSI  is a system of search engines use to find the other words people use surrounding a given topic. LSI keywords are related to the main topic of your content on your website page. Using the LSI keyword tool to find LSI keyword and integrating them into your content helps your search engine optimization and provides your company with a competitive advantage. LSI keywords are in a single word or multi-word that are mainly focusing on the content. For example, you are writing an article about “Business”, the word business can either mean the small business or local business, etc.,

Google determines which business you are talking about by identifying synonyms or similar terms. For example, if you are writing about Business (about the company), your article is likely to include words such as company name, types of business. On the other hand, if you were writing about a particular topic about “Small business in London”, your article is likely to contain words like Business, business in London, small business, a small business in London. Google can identify these related words, and according to this, Google will decide what your article is coming to tell about.

What is the importance of LSI keywords

By using LSI keywords in your content, you can able to improve the relevancy signal that Google uses to rank a page on your website. If your content page includes multiple LSI keywords that relate to your main keyword for your content, Google assumes it is more relevant for a particular search query for the visitors and thus pushes it higher in its Google’s SERPS. When we use these LSI keywords in heading tags that will make your content to get rank on the search engine.

How to find LSI keywords

Google instant search

What is LSI Keyword

When you type any search term, Google search box provides instant suggestions. It is one of the ways to find LSI keywords for your content.

For example, if you are searching “small business in London, Google box will give some suggestions.

Not all of these lists are useful, but some of LSI keywords are related to your content page. You can select the related LSI keywords for the list of searches in the above image.

Google related search suggestions

LSI Keyword

Google shows a “searches related to” section at the bottom of every search engine result page. Google related search suggestions give like URL structured types. The is also a better place to find phrases that Google gives with your primary keyword. By seeing the below image, you can get an idea to get an LST keyword.

how to use LSI Keyword

Google will also use bold to make important words in their content. That will also another source to get LSI keywords. For example, if you are searching for small business, Google bolds keywords such as small business, London in the search result.

Google keyword planner

How to use LSI keywords in header tag

Google Keyword Planner is a tool, that is used to find LSI keywords. To use Google Keyword planner, you need to create an account.  It does not require to spend pay for Google keyword planner tool, it is a free source to find keywords.

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