Top 5 Reasons to use ARMember WordPress Membership Plugin

With ARMember, you get a WordPress premium plugin that doesn’t require any prior programming experience, is easy to set up, and provides great options in terms of subscription plans. It has a little something for everyone. From the experienced site owners to first-timers. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why this premium membership plugin will be the right fit for you and your WordPress site.

Top 5 Reasons

1. The first thing people look at when determining the attractiveness and overall aesthetic value of any site is the user interface. The colors may not speak volumes, but the ease of operating and maneuvering around a site, the instruction panels, the utility dialogue boxes, and the widgets, all these factors blend together to ensure your experience is quick and painless

armember wordpress membership plugin

That said, the ARMember plugin boasts of what is perhaps the most sophisticated user-interface, with an analytical information panel, but in equal regard, is simple enough even for first-timers. This user-friendly interface also comes attached to a navigation filter that forms the basis for content restriction. Different levels of users get access to different levels of content.

What this does, essentially, is to ensure no one can access your site without proper authorization, which makes building content more secure.

2. Payment options are also a key barrier when it comes to running membership sites. This is because many sites don’t offer the kind of utility value that cuts across the board. ARMember plugin for WordPress is one of the exceptions in this regard. With PayPal, bank transfer support, 2checkout, mobile payment gateways and a bunch of other plans, your subscribers don’t have to worry about making payments. Most of these platforms are quick, convenient and the transaction process is quite simple.

3. Safety is always top on the priority list when it comes to content protection, with double email verification, an advanced content restriction and content dripping platform ensures you have a system in place that gives access to content depending on subscription levels.

You don’t want to get cheated, that’s a fact, what the ARMember plugin does is to provide an ultra-safe framework that automatically releases content on a predefined schedule, and it blocks content from unauthorized users.

4. For any WordPress site to run properly you need two very crucial qualities from your membership plugin. First you need an elaborate content management platform, and, even more crucial, is a feature-rich membership management system. This ARMember feature helps you keep a close eye on membership logins, it helps you reward your loyal members and give discount codes as incentives for users who sign up for premium membership.

reasons to use armember wordpress plugin

Also, this management system will help you have a clear view of your user transaction history, member profiles, and you can squeeze in multiple subscription plans based on member behavior. This will allow your members to look through and choose the kind of membership that individually works for them.

5. Here, you get the ultimate in functionality, what other plugins offer at a price, ARMember membership plugin wordpress gives for free via an integrated system that is easy to run and doesn’t require any previous coding experience.

With this feature, members are able to renew, cancel, upgrade or downgrade their memberships at the push of a button. The focus is on utility value, to give your users the best possible online experience, while at the same time, monetizing your site.

Honorary mentions 

This list wouldn’t be complete without some features that although didn’t make the top five, are still very useful, and necessary when it comes to the effective running of a membership site.

  • It has a simple setup wizard that makes updates, installations, and activation easy. It’s self-explanatory, and just about anyone can do it.
  • You get the advantage of third-party email marketing on various platforms like buddypress.
  • You also get complete control of your content with content blocking capabilities. They may be based on anything from keywords to tags, posts or specific pages. This is one of the best value additions you get.

Being able to have complete control of your content means you get to choose who sees what, as well as determine what is appropriate and what is not.

This feature also prevents unauthorized users from viewing your content.

  • The APIs are substantially customer friendly, which means developer support is quick and painless, you get multiple language support with an on-the-clock support team, and you get to throw custom currency right in there.

All these features are a way to ease the process of coming up with membership sites, especially for first-timers who may not be as tech-savvy as people who have been doing it for a long time. If you are a beginner, and you want a plugin that literally does all the heavy lifting, then this is it. You don’t have to worry about custom redirects or try to find other ways to manage content, ARMember has it all.

You get a one-stop shop here, everything you need at the click of a button, from automated content dripping to restriction, from flexibility in payment plans to have multiple language support, it’s all in there. You can actually achieve just about everything at the click of a button with this plugin. It really does work.


Every feature on the ARMember Plugin for WordPress is top quality. The five mentioned earlier are simply a taste of what quality is all about. The main aim here is the improvement of usability, the increase in performance, all at a price that is fair and affordable. Most people won’t pay for content unless it is absolutely necessary, or if they are sure that they are getting value for their money.

This plugin provides the platform for you and your users to be at par. Your users get the advantage of ease of use and great content, and you get the value of great functionality.


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