Improve Energy Rating of the Property


5 Quick and Easy Upgrades to Improve Energy Rating of the Property

The energy prices are increasing and the properties are becoming expensive. It is not easy for landlords to maintain a property without the help of high rents. The problem is that people cannot always afford high rents. Investing in cheap EPC is a great idea because it will help in improving the energy efficiency of the property and lower the cost of keeping a property in good and livable condition.

It is important that the property complies with the energy efficiency regulations. Here are a few quick upgrades that will improve the energy rating of the property.

Install Double Glazing:

You do not always need to make huge changes and upgrades to improve the energy efficiency of a property. There are a lot of quick and cost-effective upgrades that will play a huge role in improving the energy rating.

improve energy rating of the property

If you are looking to lower the energy consumption of the property then you need to prevent air loss. Windows allow air from inside the house to escape making it difficult for heating and air conditioning to keep the property comfortable. Putting in double glazing on the windows is an effective way of lowering the energy consumption. Double glazing is effective in improving the efficiency of air conditioning and heating systems. It will also earn you good points and increase energy rating that will help in complying with the regulations.

Get Rid of Inefficient Boiler:

If the boiler you are using is inefficient then it will have a negative impact on the energy rating. An old boiler will increase the energy bills. Updating the boiler is not always cheap but it is worth every penny. Make sure that you check the boiler regularly so that you can make the necessary repairs. If the boiler gets too old then you will have to get a new one. The new boiler models have better features and are efficient. Replacing the boiler is a great investment that always repays.

Perfect Insulation:improve the energy rating

Insulation is a crucial part of the energy efficient property as it ensures the efficiency of heating and air conditioning. The new installation is a cost-effective way of increasing the energy score. Take a look at the house installation so that you know if it needs upgrading or not.

It is important that the whole property is properly insulated. Never forget the loft and the basement when it comes to insulation because the interior air can escape easily through the loft and the basement.


The heating and air conditioning systems are prime contributors when it comes to energy bills. Maintaining these systems is important because it will lower the energy consumption significantly. Make sure that these systems are regularly serviced. Servicing these systems allows you to keep them in perfect condition.

Upgrade the Light Bulbs:

The LED lights are an energy efficient option as compared to the standard counterparts. Installing LED lights is a cheap and effective way of improving the energy rating of the property.

These are just a few quick and simple fixes that will make sure that you comply with the standards and have an energy efficient property.



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