How to Always Look Professional at Business Meetings as a Thriving Business Manager?

Whether you are the CEO of a company, the team leader, or occupy another position, you will want to look professional at all times to match the thriving businessman’s or businesswoman’s look.

But looking professional isn’t all just about your attire. Even though what you wear is an essential feature of looking professional in business, you can bring more professionalism to the table by presenting yourself at a business meeting.

You can look more professional if you arrive on time to the meeting and bring excellent and refreshing ideas to help the company grow.

Therefore, these things are something you should also consider if you want to look professional for whichever position you occupy.

If you need some help with what to pay attention to for your next business meeting, we’ve composed a list of the top tips that will help you look more business-oriented and brush up on everything you may be lacking.

Top 3 Tips to look like a Business Professional

Here are the top tips we’ve composed to help you understand what you should pay attention to if you occupy an important position at your company and want to shine.

Whether you are the CEO, an accountant, or a marketing specialist is irrelevant. These tips will help you look more appealing as a businessman or a businesswoman for whichever company you hold an important position in.

1. Get the Business Attire right


A great majority of companies around the globe promote wearing laid-back clothes as their primary dress code. That’s okay sometimes but dressing casually isn’t appropriate for each interaction in the business industry. When you have an important meeting, you must look professional and polished to give others a feeling that you are in it for the real deal.

Men can follow the latest fashion trends and wear a shirt and tie and pair that with a set of well-tailored trousers. A nice watch and clean shoes go a long way. On the other hand, women can wear a black smart dress or a one-colour skirt instead of tailored trousers. Some discrete makeup and neutral-coloured gel nail polish convey a polished look.

In each case, whatever you decide to wear should be of a white, brown, or black colour, not to look too captivating. Neutral colours for a business meeting should always be your go-to. Also, all the accessories you add should be non-distracting.

Therefore, if a woman decides to wear some gemstones or jewellery for a business meeting, it should be minimal. Remember, you should always focus on how you want to come across and the ideas you present to the company, not solely on what you wear.

2. Time-Management is everything


As Karen Joy Fowler, an American author, once stated, arriving at any meeting late is a sign that you value your own time more than the time of whoever was waiting for you. Therefore, always show up at business meetings on time and become a professional at managing time. Time management is all about good organization and planning ahead of time which, in turn, will result in you showing that you respect other people’s time and value the situation giving it importance and a priority.

You won’t look very professional if you turn up late to a business meeting. Suppose you turn up early, on the other hand. In that case, you will look more professional to others and give yourself some extra time to prepare for the meeting, exchange some small talk with other attendees and relax before you start delving into some serious matters of the company. Of course, you should also always prepare and read all agendas before the meeting commences. That’s yet another very important feature that will boost your professional appearance.

3. Minimize Your Phone Use


There’s nothing worse than repetitive pinging of messages and phone calls during a business meeting. It will not only make you look less professional, but it will disrupt others and the whole meeting and make all business representatives feel stressed. To avoid such situations, make sure you turn off your phone beforehand. If you can’t fully turn it off because you’re expecting an important email or call, at least put your phone on silent mode.

Sure, as a businessman or a businesswoman, your phone will constantly receive messages and phone calls. But there’s nothing more important than the business meeting when you’re at it and the people you’re meeting deserve your full and undivided attention. So, make that meeting run smoothly for the best outcomes.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of what steps you should follow to look more professional as a business manager at your business meeting or your everyday working environment. Yes, what you wear matters so keep the colours of your clothing neutral, add minimal accessories, and stick to what makes you feel comfortable in your skin. But most importantly, place great focus on how you will present yourself and perform at the meeting to boost your business brand, at which you should make sure to arrive on time.

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