6 Important Facts to Know About Fuse Box

Important Facts to Know About Fuse Box

Find a household without electricity is nearly impossible. Our houses are full of electrical appliances. It is important that the electrical system of the house is safe to use. There are certain safety precautions that are necessary otherwise the electricity can become a hazard.

Every house has a distribution board which is commonly known as the fuse box and the circuit breaker. It is responsible for controlling all the electricity that comes to the house. The fuse box is an integral part of the electrical system. Paying the proper fuse box installation is important for using electricity safely and preventing electrical accidents.

Here are a few important facts that you need to know about the fuse boxes.

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1-) Preventing Fires:

The fuses are an integral part of the electrical system as it has an important role to play. When you install a fuse you are paying the RCD fuse box installation cost a well. It helps in preventing house fires as they are the sacrificial lambs of the electrical system. If there is a power surge or overloading and too much current passes through the fuse, it trips, stopping the current flow. As the fuse blows, the circuit breaks and it keeps the wires and appliances from overheating and bursting into flames.

2-) Fuse Box Helps You to Make Sure the Protection of Electronics:

The electronics can easily get damaged by power surges. Power surges can occur because of lighting or a large appliance. They are harmful to the electronic equipment. When you have a fuse box it breaks the circuit in case of a power surge and keeps the equipment safe. If you are experiencing regular power surges and the circuit breaker is tripping constantly then you need to hire an electrician and find and fix the problem.

3-) Ground the Fuses:

It is important that the fuse boxes are installed by professionals because it has to be perfect. Grounding the breakers or fuses is essential because when the fuse blows the electricity is unable to take its usual path and travel down the line and it needs a new path. It is not just going to disappear. Grounding makes sure that there is a safe outlet for the energy to disperse. Grounding eliminates the danger of electrical shock.

4-) Fuse Box Maintenance is Essential:

If you want to enjoy the protection of the fuses then you have to keep them in good condition. Just like the electrical appliances, the fuses should also be kept away from water. Most of the fuses come with a protective covering that prevents them from getting wet. You should also regularly dust away dirt from the breakers and flip them to check that they are not stuck. Check the condition of the fuse box at least once a year.

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5-) Choose the Right Fuse for Your Fuse Box:

Make sure that the breaker matches the volts a fuse can take. If the fuse is too small for the volts then the circuit will break every time you switch it on. If the fuse is too large then it will not blow even when a power surge occurs.

6-) Upgrading the Fuses and Breakers:

It is important to know when the fuse box is need of an upgrade. If the breaker is older than twenty years then it is time for an upgrade. The energy usage has changed over time and it is important the fuse boxes match the current energy usage.

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