4 Hidden costs that come with Emergency Lighting

It is important that every property has safety precautions that will keep the occupants and the property safe. A building can hold a variety of safety hazards and you do not want to be unprepared in case of an emergency. The emergency lighting is an essential safety precaution that a property needs. The properties can often lose power during an emergency and make it difficult for the occupants to get out of the building without any difficulty.

To make sure that the building has properly installed emergency lighting the landlords need to invest in emergency lighting certificate. But it is important to understand that installation and maintaining the emergency lighting has a certain cost.

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Here are a few hidden costs of installing and maintaining the lighting so they are in perfect working condition.

The Whole fitting Replacement:

It is a common practice to replace the whole fitting if the lighting fails to pass the six months test. Changing the whole fitting is costly. You will have to replace the fitting after three to four years even if it passes the six-month test.

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You can lower the cost of fitting by investing in the emergency lighting that has features that allow easy removal of the battery drawer. You do not need to change the whole fitting. The accessible battery drawer makes it easy to replace, repair or upgrade the battery. There is no need to isolate the mains power so the process is easier and less costly.

Coordinating Emergency Lighting testing:

Coordinating the emergency test after six months is not an easy task. The landlords or building managers have to advise all the occupants as the test is going to cause some disruption. Testing the emergency lighting includes isolating the mains power and the lighting circuit. It will cause some inconvenience to the occupants so they need to be informed.

To save the trouble of coordinating the testing you can install monitored emergency lighting system. To carry out the six-month testing you do not need to disrupt the power so the occupants do not have to face any inconvenience.  These alarms may cost you more but it does carry out the testing without causing any disruption.

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Fixing Faults in Electrical Circuits:

The electrical circuits linked to the emergency lighting can overload because of thermal overload, moisture or short circuit. It is not always easy to find the reason for a circuit trip as it is a complicated, time-consuming and costly process. The electricians often have to remove the light fitting and take a look at the wiring to identify the problem.

There are emergency lightings that have smart connect base which makes it easier to remove the lighting fitting. The smart connect base lighting makes the process less time-consuming.

Keeping the Lighting Clean:

Maintaining the emergency lighting is important to keep them emergency lighting clean. If the lighting is dusty then it can decrease the visibility of the lighting. There is no point of having exit signs if they are not visible in case of power loss.

It is important that the lighting is dusted from time to time. By installing lighting that is easy to remove makes cleaning easier. It reduces the cost of maintenance and makes the task less time-consuming.

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