How to use stickers as marketing tools?

Have you read about using custom stickers in your marketing & want to know more? Or are you searching for new ways to grow your company’s sales?

This article will explain why you should consider using custom stickers as part of your marketing strategy. We’ll also give you some ideas on how to include them, so it’s easy to get started.

Ready? Great – let’s get stuck in!

Firstly, why stickers? Here are the top 3 reasons custom stickers are a must-have in your marketing:

  1. They don’t cost a lot: Everyone want’s to lower costs. Lower costs equal lower risk and easier to get started, test, and iterate. Importantly, lower costs also make it easy to get a higher return on investments, which we’re looking for in our marketing!
  2. They are seen as a gift: Giving your customers or some influencers stickers, in the right circumstances, can be seen as a gift. Gift giving is super powerful, which we’ll explain more about soon.
  3. They look awesome: A superbly designed sticker brings a smile. Associations are how we build brands in our customer’s minds so getting your design right and finding a high-quality supplier is essential.

How to use stickers as marketing tools

In point 2, we mentioned stickers are seen as gifts and also that they can be powerful – here’s why.

Giving gifts is a proven method of growing sales because of the rule of reciprocity in social psychology. The rule states when a person receives the present, they want to return the favor. Returning the favor could mean a purchase. It could also mean an Instagram post or by sticking it on their laptop. These impact your business to varying degrees, but all are super positive.

Now you know why stickers are great, let’s show you how to use them in your marketing.

Create product scarcity

Scarcity can be a solid driver to grow sales. If your customers believe that there will not be another opportunity to buy your product, they have a much higher probability of converting into a sale.

Getting a customer to act is a challenging task. Limited edition packaging can emphasise the scarcity of your products.

Give stickers to influencers in your market

Giving premium, clear stickers to influencers who have a following in your target market can work so well.

Sending them the stickers along with some branded merch or product samples and a personal, hand-written letter can work amazingly.

Try targeting micro-influencers who have up to 150,000 followers; it’ll work incredibly well, as the chance of your gift getting lost is a lot less than sending it to someone who has millions of followers.

Gift-giving utilizes the power of reciprocity explained earlier. Why not try it? It’ll be low-cost and low-risk – worth a try for sure!

stickers as marketing tools

Try some guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing employs alternative messaging to interact with your chosen audience.

A fantastic example is when Puma paid Pelé about £100,000 to tie his shoelaces on the pitch at the start of the 1970 World Cup final. It got insane coverage for minimal cost.

Stickers are perfect for guerilla marketing as it’s all visual. Try to impact your audience when they are least expecting it. Aim to cause a stir of emotion, so they remember you. We recommend Googling because there are so many ideas, all suitable for different budgets. Here’s one idea that’s low-cost to get you started.

It is impressive how some street cleaning and a small, sub-£20 sticker can leave such a memorable message. Worth a try for sure!

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