8 Online Activities Remote Workers & Learners Did During Lockdown 

Life hasn’t stopped because of COVID-19, but socializing has changed.

Instead of spending time mingling over happy hour drinks, people have gotten more creative while working and learning from home.

While you may think being stuck at home has prevented people from pursuing their passions, one-third of Brits have found ways of enjoying their hobbies differently.

Here are eight online activities remote workers and remote learners have been using to occupy themselves at home during lockdown — you might find something that interests you, too.

1. Joining Online ClubsJoining Online Clubs - Online Activities during lockdown

Do you have a passion for checkmate? Do you adore all things wine or love to knit? Chances are, there’s an online club where you can indulge your hobby with others.

Many people have used lockdown as downtime to catch up on their reading. If you’re among them, joining a book club is one of the most entertaining online activities to occupy yourself at home. You can find multiple versions dedicated to various genres.

2. Making Self-Care BoxesMaking Self-Care Boxes - Online Activities during lockdown

You can catch up on self-care without heading to the spa. However, when it’s time to relax, many people run out of ideas and mindlessly flip on the telly.

Why not make a self-care box that holds small pieces of paper or representative trinkets? Write down activities like taking a bath or practicing yoga. When you get 30 minutes to yourself, grab a slip, and follow the instructions for some much-needed nurturing.

3. Taking Virtual Tours & VacationsTaking Virtual Tours & Vacations - Online Activities during lockdown

If you’ve always wanted to visit the Louvre or the Vatican Museum, there’s no need to wait for travel restrictions to lift. You can tour these centres of culture for free online and lose yourself in fine art. You can also explore science, technology, and human history from the comfort of your couch. And if you’re a school leaver or prospective student, you can take virtual tours of universities you may be interested in.

4. Having Zoom Happy HoursHaving Zoom Happy Hours - Online Activities during lockdown

You’re not alone if you miss socializing with friends and colleagues at the pub.

Instead, why not set up virtual happy hours over Zoom? Online socialization has been a quarantine comfort for many — in fact, in a study of 2000 people, 44% have used the internet for shared experiences since COVID began.

You can make your Zoom meetings fun by creating a theme — have everyone dress up a certain way, plan for some trivia or cook together!

5. Playing Virtual GamesPlaying Virtual Games - Online Activities during lockdown

Many kids enjoyed playing video or online games with online chat rooms where they can connect with their friends and have fun while schools were closed.

Parents need to exercise e-safety when letting their littles ones use online chats. These rooms have also become hunting grounds for predators, and children lack the judgment to recognize an adult posing as someone they’re not. However, for folks over the age of 18, they provide a much-needed social respite with others who share similar interests.

Virtual games such as Minecraft can also contribute to learning during school closures.

6. Setting up Social Media Health GoalsSetting up Social Media Health Goals - Online Activities during lockdown

Social media doesn’t have the best reputation for bolstering positivity, but one new trend could help folks get healthier. Some groups have started creating health goals to inspire others to take their workouts to new heights. If you have the means, you can download a fitness app and skip the gym trip — which may remain closed, depending on your location.

7. Brushing up on Language SkillsBrushing up on Language Skills - Online Activities during lockdown

Did you take French classes as a teen but forgot all you learned since? Why not download a language learning app? Some allow you to select multiple languages — you can perfect your Spanish while learning Arabic basics. When travel resumes, you can go nearly anywhere in the world and at least know how to ask where the bathroom is.

8. Enrolling in Online ClassesDigital-skills-for-online-careers-at-SeekaHost-University

Classes pad your resume, and if you’re one of the many feeling job-insecure, this online activity during quarantine can ease anxiety. If you don’t work in an essential industry, you might wish to explore career options and skills in demand in today’s novel coronavirus world. If you don’t want to spend money on a degree program right now, you can take free or low-cost courses via learning platforms like SeekaHost University to brush up on soft skills like time management.



Make the most of Lockdown with these Online Activities

You don’t have to sit around bored or gain the “quarantine 15” from overdoing Netflix and crisps. Try one of these online activities during the lockdown and discover your new passions.

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