Effective Tips To Improve Your SEO Ranking Through Content Marketing

Understanding the essentials of SEO is of significant importance. Why?

Because by knowing it, you can increase brand awareness and attract more web traffic to your website. There are thousands of people looking for the exact keywords and right content.

Whatever they are looking for, you can help them out with your informative content.

Have you heard that Content is King?

It is the one that rules over search rankings as well. When you start researching any topic on a search engine, the primary purpose of a search engine is to provide the user with the best and relevant information that the prospect is looking for.

The more quality content and text you have on your website, the higher the chance that search engines will show it on the top of the search results. Simply, content improves Google page rankings. According to AHREFS,  49% – 50% of a website’s traffic derives from the top-ranking page.

Effective Tips To Improve SEO Rankings Through Content Marketing

The below-mentioned tips are useful and will improve your SEO rankings through Content Marketing.

1. Ensure To Have SEO Optimized Landing Pages

How To Improve Landing Page Conversion RateLead generation and sales are automatically enhanced and show productivity with a well-designed landing page. It is up to you, the more landing pages you create, the more room you have to get the incoming traffic.

Many businesses don’t understand the importance of using specific landing pages, which creates hurdles in targeting a new or specific audience. It is understood that a landing page is a place that initiates a healthy relationship and intrigues potential customers.

Here’s an example for you to get the doubt clear. ClickDo works on and creates high-quality landing pages on popular topics for their own and client’s websites. You need to understand the significance of going the extra mile with the professional and trendy layout, as ClickDo has.

See the below case study to learn more:

Quick Wasters ClickDo Case Study

page URL and search the results

They have the latest and relevant blogs, informative articles, and digital case studies, which are optimized for SEO and create traffic.

You can check your Domain Rating from Ahrefs.com by entering your page URL and search the results.

A recent study has shown that business websites having 10-15 landing pages tend to increase conversions by 55% over business websites with less than the mentioned count. And the sites having more than 40 landing pages increase conversions by over 500%.

b. Compelling Content For Target Audience

People are always browsing and looking for something new and exciting now and then. According to Think with Google, 2019, 49% of users say that they use Google to discover or find a new product or service.

The aim of content marketing is to interest the audience with compelling and captivating articles and blogs that answer their questions and provide them with the information they are looking for.

Whatever you are writing for your website, it shouldn’t look like an advertising spiel for the product or service you offer. It should be a well-written and thought-out piece that your viewers and readers will benefit from. So research their questions first and try to answer them.

For example, in this pandemic situation, people are looking for more information and content about Coronavirus, the symptoms, precautions, and remedies, etc. Your website must be filled with updated and in-demand content pieces about relevant questions if this is the audience you want to reach.

c. Conduct SEO Audit Of Your Website

Auditing and evaluating your website will give you a clear picture of how your website performs and what needs to be added more.

An SEO audit means that you are examining overall site performance, setting new trends, implementing strategies to meet goals, and making everything more visible. Having an SEO audit allows you to understand what kind of content you need to add to your website.

You should look for Meta descriptions and title tags, optimization, URL structures, and updated content that are popular on Google Trends. For example, Coronavirus Search Trends are high in search volume, and if your website doesn’t have content covering these trends, you are missing out on this traffic.

d. Use The Power Of Internal Links

Internal linking is like the backbone of your website. How does internal linking work?

It is simple to understand as if you have written an article on any topic earlier, and now you are writing on the other topic; you should add the internal links of that topic in your new write-up.

It is the most useful way to get traffic to your website and improve SEO ranking using Content Marketing. For example, I have an article on the outbound link in SEO for this website, and I’m backlinking the previous article’s link to this new write-up. This is the power of Internal Links.

It signals to search engines that the content on the websites relates to the main topic and is connected, providing the reader with a wide array of subtopics.

You can learn more about this highly complex, but extremely important SEO tactic at the SeekaHost University SEO course and Blogging Course.

e. Adding The Right Keywords – Not Stuffing

Most of the internet-searches are linked with the related keywords as people don’t prefer writing whole sentences. Keywords like ‘Coronavirus precautions,’ ‘SEO marketing tips,’ ‘best dissertation writing services UK’ etc.

Inserting widely searched keywords that are trending on Google Trends in your content increases the chances of ranking higher. But using keywords doesn’t mean that you should stuff them or load your content with excessively repetitive keywords.

But now the keyword must be used sparingly and within the context. Google algorithms are smart enough to determine the amount and frequency of keywords you inserted.

f. Website Must Be Mobile Friendly

There are 5.07 billion mobile phone users globally, and it would be lethal not to have your website accessible to mobile phone users. User-friendly websites that are supported by mobile phones rank higher on search results by Google’s algorithms.

Human beings spend most of their time online using mobile phones, and you’d get more traffic if your website was easy to open on mobile phones. The font size and layout have to ensure, the content is readable, and the pictures should be properly optimized. You can learn more about this through our ClickDo web design services Blog.

Suppose you are a business that provides academic writing services, then this feature is a must-have for you. A considerably higher number of students search for assignment writing service UK on their mobile phones rather than PCs or Laptops. If your website isn’t a mobile-friendly website, then you are missing out on a significant proportion.

g. Don’t Duplicate Pages

Don’t Duplicate Pages - Improve SEO RankingDuplicate content is when the same content on your site appears on more than one web page. It is important for every website owner to know and take measures that the web content doesn’t get duplicated.

If you have duplicated home pages and content, there is a chance that your website will not be shown in search results of the search engines. Instead, you are showing two results for the same or similar search, which affects the site’s rating on Google.

h. Target Audience With Infographics

Infographics are an easy way to display and show complex information to the audience. According to a study from Pearson, 65% of the people are visual learners; they learn from the visuals and graphics. Learning from a small text or article is difficult for them.

We all are visually wired and this is why infographics are super important for any audience. Have a look.

Infographics To Improve SEO Rankings

Infographics help people retain the information quicker because they are more accessible and engaging at the same time. Research in marketing study shows that colour increases brand recognition by over 80%.

Infographics are easy to remember. How?

Infographics Are easy to remember - Improve SEO Rankings

Infographics are the fourth most used type of SEO tools for Content Writing and Marketing. It has also been evaluated that texts with illustrations do 323% better than without illustrations.

Infographics - Most Used Types For SEO Improvment

Final Thoughts

Your content is a powerful marketing tool that can be highly useful in targeting a wider audience. The content on your website connected well with Search Engine Optimization tools can do wonders as it gives a personal touch and hooks more people if you are creative.

Also, the informative content that you add increases the interest of readers in your business.

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