End of tendency cleaning “tips for landlord”

If your tenant is ready to leave your place at the end of the tenancy. Before the check out you should take some inspections to ensure the condition of the property for damage existence. If you are a new landlord to leave your property, for the tendency first time get some guidance from the tendency cleaning agency for the agreement and documentation.

It the role of the landlord to inspect the property before and after the tenancy period. Includes a check for dust, living area, bathroom, home appliances, and furniture. In case of any damages occurs you can reduct the amount from the security deposit with the help of an agreement.

In case you want the tenant to leave your property. The first main thing at the end of the tenancy is to send the notice to the tenant before one month. when comes to security deposit it’s not a fine idea to reduce the last month rental amount in the deposited amount. if any damages or issues occur in the property you can’t handle those budgets. so you can utilize that amount for replacing the things. if the property is too damaged and you are not ready to handle the end of tenancy, get help from the cleaning agency in London. Visit  http://www.quickcleaningservices.co.uk/

Easy Tips for Landlords at the end of tenancy cleaning 

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We will summarize some efficient tips and rules for the tenant before begins their property agreement and also at the end of the tenancy agreement

  1. Gardening and parking: If the property deals with gardening and outside pool or side Park it is the duty of the landlord, to provide high-quality tenant cleaning for the next tenant.
  2.  Cooking wares:  while coming to Kitchen place the existing tenant may be left the house without throughway the foods and cooking ingredients. It will cause damaging the cooking materials and storage containers. So take some vinegar and soak all the vessels and cookware’s overnight and rinse them well and let it dry.
  3.  Home appliance: mostly the old tenant will leave all home appliance without making a proper wash. So for the new tenant its the duty of the landlord, to give the all appliance as stated in the agreement. To clean spray the solution mixture of vinegar and lime juice on all appliances and wipeout with a damp cloth. It gives more fresh feel
  4.  Bathroom and pipelines Check for fittings of taps, sinks,  gate walls and shower. And hardness present in Water may keep rust settles in tap filters and also it affects the look of tiles. To clean this take some quantity of baking soda and vinegar and make a mixture of a thick paste. Now apply a paste on damages area and leave it for a minute then rinse off. You can also hire end of tenancy cleaners from Quick Cleaning for the best service.
  5.  Furniture and living area   Replace the damaged furniture with a new one and also claim the amount for the damage from the old tenant. And clean once all the interiors and check of empty all the wardrobes. If you don’ t have more time for cleaning hire some professional services

Living area and furniture

 Announce on Market

After the cleaning now you add your property on the online market and let your property hire.


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