10 Successful Ways of Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

We are currently part of an evolving digital age where technology has integrated into almost every part of our lives.

Through advanced tools, gadgets, and the power that social media gives us, there is no aspect of our life left where technology doesn’t make it better.

From individual needs to mega business requirements, technology fulfills all. And social media has become one of the significant products of the digital age.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform that has grown exponentially ever since its inception in 2004. But as this platform grows and undertakes more features to suit individual and corporate needs better, it is no more just a platform for socializing. Facebook has become an equally excellent marketing platform for businesses.

According to recent facts and statistics published about Facebook marketing, 90 million small businesses are already on Facebook. An estimated 87% of marketers will increase usage of the platform for corporate marketing. Considering these figures, let’s find out what more ways Facebook can be used to increase sales as an efficient marketing tool.

10 Ways Facebook Is a Beneficial Marketing Tool for Businesses

The following are the top ten ways you can exploit Facebook as a useful marketing tool.

1. Easy Access to Target Audience



Facebook has allowed marketers to enjoy the sheer benefits of this tool by connecting with their target audience more profoundly and first-hand. The super-sophisticated stage enables you to interact with the audience who are in search of products that fall under the product category of your brand. The best part is that, unlike commercial advertising, Facebook marketing is more personalized.

You can interact with your target audience on a more personal and specifically targeted level. You can easily create a page or profile that not only markets and advertises your products but influences your audience to interact with you giving you easy access to them.

2. Innovative Engagement Techniques



Publishing contests on your product page will significantly help you in getting more potential customers. Undoubtedly, it is a common aspect of the Facebook marketing strategy that many businesses have already leveraged. It increases the chance of getting new potential visitors and helps you to increase your reach to a broader range of customers.

If you share discounts for teachers or other target groups on your Facebook brand page, you influence many of the followers to interact with you effectively. You can answer queries about your product, tell your brand story, and launch campaigns to promote your newer products centering on Facebook as a marketing tool for your strategy.

3. Creating Short & Enticing Video Posts



If you are willing to enhance your profitability and targeting, you can consider adding video content to your Facebook profile page. You need to understand that keeping things entertaining will notably help you in receiving more leads.

As we know that Facebook is a platform that is widely used for entertainment, making your page more interactive through similar means can help you compete with the ongoing marketing challenges. You can utilize thumbnails by keeping them interactive. Utilizing all these conceptualizing trends of visual content can increase your leads to your desired level.

4. Giving Your Brand a More Human Look



Many times, people don’t interact with brands if they come across as simply a business out there to rob them of their money. Over time, branding has evolved to become more humanly where the customers feel and react to a brand by the factor of relatability.

Brands tend to tell their stories through social media marketing campaigns or influencer marketing and try to reach a level where customers feel they can inquire, review and give feedback openly. They can candidly share their views, and this allows them to stay loyal to a brand for longer as it becomes more of a personal choice to them.

5. Brand Advertising



Considering all the remarkable marketing tools that you can opt for; it would not be wrong to regard promotion as the quintessence of a business. Understand that you can opt for both paid and organic advertising way. You can pay Facebook to promote your product to your target audience and also use your own page for organic promotion.

You can take maximum advantage of the situation and enhance your reach to more potential clients. If you are currently low on budget, then increasing your interaction with the target audience is the best and cheap way to use your own page to improve your brand promotion. Over time, you can leverage Facebook ads as your paid option.

6. Maintaining Long-term Targeted Leads



One mistake that most marketers make is that they keep on trying to look for new potential clients and tend to lose focus on the lead they have already gained. The best way to stay connected to your current followers and customers is by generating Facebook content like blog posts to maintain the connection you have with them.

Moreover, you must also maintain a platform through which you can respond to their queries and problems. Facebook Custom Audience is a notable feature that allows its users to stay connected to leads you have captured previously, allowing you to have a firm hold on them.

7. Making Interactive Posts



It is somewhat a misconception that only advertisements can help you attain leads and approaches to more potential clients. Facebook marketing posts, if designed creatively, can help you achieve your marketing goals. Most of the authors’ premium jackets in the UK who create content for posts have agreed that Facebook pages that were designed using emojis, graphic design, and color theory received more prominence than text-based content. Instead of just keeping your posts dry and straightforward, try making them more picturesque and engaging.

8. Creating a Community



Facebook, by default, is a community-building social media platform. It allows you to build a profile through which you can connect to a large community of people. Being able to create a community enables you to be more communicative and interactive, providing your visitors with a well-connected relationship. To let your business prosper optimally, you must connect with your customer authentically through the following ways:

  • Try commenting and responding to them frequently to build a trustworthy relationship with them.
  • Regularly post on your Facebook page and try maintaining interactive behavior with your visitors.
  • Facebook marketing can be significantly optimized and enhanced by introducing new deals and promotions and discounts.

9. Adding Proper Directions


Consider adding proper directions and redirecting pages to let your visitors know your Facebook page easily. Most of the leads are lost due to not providing a smooth and accessible approach to your services. You can be as creative as you can while directing your customers to the page they want to check. Directional cues will help the new potential buyers to use the page with ease.

10. Pay to Promote the Best Content



When it comes to paid promotions, make sure that you present attractive incentives for your visitors. Otherwise, there would be a high possibility of losing a significant number of customers. Consider keeping the things simple for both the parties and focus on making it more interactive and exciting.

It is essential to know that most Facebook users use this platform to search for products and services that are most interesting for them personally. So when you are paying, the aim should be to promote the most valuable offering among your potential customers.

In Conclusion

Facebook is a growing platform and may become even more advanced for marketing over the years. As a prominent social media presence is considered as validation for an optimum brand, Facebook plays hand in hand with this concept.

All in all, as more companies continue to benefit from the platform for fulfilling their marketing needs, I hope the reasons I mentioned above convince you to incorporate Facebook into your marketing tools. You’ll see a change in the way people perceive your brand in no time!

Author Bio: Stella Lincoln is currently working as a Brand Manager. She loves to devote her time to writing for her audience at Assignment Assistance. She writes excellent content based on authentic facts and figures. Amanda aims to enlighten her readers on all the eminent technological advancements of this era.

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