Research Paper Writing: 7 Common Problems and Their Solutions

Research papers are a valuable source of both ideas and insights into an area of inquiry. Here are some tips for research paper writing.

They also form the basis for the next stage of the subject’s research domain, which can be helpful to many students for their own research.

Unfortunately, many research paper writers do not reach the level to get their paper published. The research paper is often misinterpreted and ends up failing research because research questions are not answered thoroughly enough. Often, professors become frustrated with poorly presented content.

However, a clear problem definition and solution helps in the process, which involves brainstorming, creating an initial concept that adequately describes the thesis you write, and determining the appropriate methods and tools to complete the paper.

When studying a particular problem, several essential questions should be asked. Communicating your research effectively is vital to see how it could be used as a resource in the future.

Here we are discussing some common academic writing problems and their solutions when writing a research paper.

1. Research topic selection is not appropriate


You need to select a proper and adequate research topic for researching in a significant manner. Students often fail to choose the topic correctly, so they get stuck at some point, and the research becomes a burden. So, the topic selection is most important to complete your research paper smoothly.

Solution – The solution is to select a topic that the student must be comfortable and confident with. When selecting your research topic, your basic understanding must be clear about that particular area, and it should cover a field that still requires more in-depth research.

2. Not specified research question


The leading cause of conducting research is to find the exact research question and answer accordingly. But students fail to select the actual question or need of the study. So, the research becomes worthless. That is the most common problem when writing a research paper.

Solution – You can identify the right research questions and study them thoroughly to complete the answers to your selected questions sufficiently.

3. Paper structure is poor


When students start writing their papers, they write them randomly and do not follow the structure and format. So the paper structure is not up to the mark, and quickly the paper gets rejected.

Solution – If you want to solve this crucial problem, you need to write your paper in the exact outlined format and follow your professor’s guidelines. You can structure the paper as – abstract, introduction, research area discussion, research question, data collection techniques, methodologies, description, conclusion, appendix, citation, etc.

4. Failure of usage of adequate language and terminology


Many students fail to use the exact language and terminology of the research for the paper. They apply to paraphrase and write most of the content in a generic tone rather than clarifying topical terms that are relevant.

Solution – If you want to write your research paper correctly and professionally, then use the proper and formal tone of language and terminology in your writing.

5. Incorrect grammar and plagiarism


Grammatical errors and plagiarism are not at all accepted and can lead to failing the assignment.

Solution – If you want to write your paper at a high academic standard, use grammar and spell checker tools or let someone proofread your paper. You can also use plagiarism checkers to ensure your content is not copied.

6. Irrelevant citations


Citations are essential for academic and scientific research paper writing, but most students forget to cite a reference or quote they use, and this is penalized.

Solution – If you want your research paper to receive a good grade, then complete your citations in a suitable format as recommended by the professors.

7. No Proofreading


Today, students are very busy and impatient. They forget and overlook many vital things, such as the common problem of content errors. Some students do not proofread the document before submitting it, so the errors reflect poor writing skills, and as a result, the paper gets disqualified.

Solution – If you want to avoid this, then proofread or have your paper checked multiple times before you submit a complete error-free presentation.

The above outlined common research paper writing problems should be avoided by all students and with the solutions offered, they certainly can be to write an impressive academic paper. You can also conduct some online learning activities and research and seek paper help to complete your research paper successfully and ensure it will receive a good grade.

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