What is Google PageRank?

How does Google PageRank work

PageRank is one of the Google technology to give rating the importance and quality of a webpage. It is one of the methods used by Google to determine how your website is placed in the SERPS. The Page ranking will be showing us by Page number from one to ten.


High authority sites will be displayed in the front page.  To get a high rank on Google we have to use the exact procedure to calculate the Page rank is kept by Google search engine. There are many different types of browsers and website toolbars that can show you the Page rank of your site. Let’s take https://www.prchecker.info/ as an example. It is the type of Google Page Rank checker and also it is a free source from the Google search engine.

PageRank will be displayed every online free tool is known as Public PageRank. PageRank will be updated every few months. So Google knows the exact PageRank for your website.

How to find what keywords your website Ranks for?

One of those is the keywords that your website and PageRank which is known as Queries within the tool. If you need to see your keywords in the Google search engine.

Step 1: Create an account in the Google search console.

Step 2: Click on add property and add your website.

Step 3: Click on the Performance option. So you can see what the rank of your keyword was.

Let’s take the blogrovr.com site as an example.

google website ranking

The Queries tab will be selected by default. The list of every keyword shown up in search results.

google website rank checker

If you want to see the particular keyword rank for. Click on the Pages option, so you can able to select the page that you want to review.

Does Google still use PageRank

How to rank higher on Google?

You have to improve your On-site search engine optimization – On-Page SEO is one of the fastest ways to improve your rankings in Google.

You have to add LSI keywords to your page – LSI keywords are an advanced on-page search engine optimization tactic.

You have to monitor your technical search engine optimization – Most of the site out there, technical SEO is not an issue.

You have to match your content to search intent – Search intent is the new buzzword in the world of search engine optimization.

You have to reduce your bounce rate – It will improve your website bounce rate.

You have to find even keywords to target – If you target the keyword that will help to get high rank on Google search engine.

You have to publish insanely high-quality content – Publish the content that people needed.

You have to build backlinks for your site – If you create more links for your website that will help to increase your rank faster in Google search engine.

You have to track and monitor your results – You have to notice that your site rank is higher on Google than before. You have to choose the correct keyword to bring your site that will increase your website rank and brings organic traffic to your website.

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